We would like to thank our partners who have created the first of-its-kind national challenge in Israel

The Trump Foundation was founded to help the Israeli education system drive excellence in mathematics and science studies in secondary schools. The Fund's strategic plan strives to develop, facilitate and implement quality teaching

The 8200 Alumni Association is an organization that strives to preserve the legacy of Unit 8200, support the community of its graduates in their civic life and to harvest the Alumni Network for the benefit of Israeli social good


Our board members, who worked together in a joint effort to support and guide the challenge

Nir Lampert

Chairman of the 8200 Alumni Association and CEO of Mer Group

Eli Hurvitz

CEO of the Trump Foundation for Education

Professor Dan Arieli

A world known expert on behavioral economics and a New-York times best-selling author

Dr. Kira Radinsky

Hi-tech entrepreneur and a computer scientist specializing in data mining

Dr. Shlomi Katan

Senior Director, Learning and Human Potential XPRIZE

Geula Sever

Math teacher at the Hof Hacarmel joint school and a "member of the Teachers' Center and the "5th Club

Professor Rivka Wadmany

Chairman of the Education and Teaching Committee of the Council for Higher Education and the Planning and Budgeting Committee, and an expert in digital innovation

Michal Avni

CEO of Symbolab, an information retrieval specialist and high-tech entrepreneur

Meirav Zerbiv

Director of R&D Division of Experiments and Initiatives at the Ministry of Education

Mohanna Fares

Director of Senior Division (National Systemic Programs) at the Ministry of Education and leads the 5P2 program

Yariv Nornberg

Head of Representative Office
Bank Julius Baer Co. Ltd & the treasurer of the 8200 Alumni Association

Sagy Bar

CEO, Cyber Education Center

Prof. Yossi Matias

Vice President, Google

Challenge members

Challenge members who support and help P.I.E challenge

The Masematica Project at the Weizmann Institute of Science (in collaboration with the Trump Foundation) has developed a computerized database of formative evaluation files on key subjects from the educational curriculum for analysis and geometry for students in 5 unit mathematics.

Digital Israel is a national project which strives to harness and leverage the opportunities of the digital revolution and of the progress of ICT in order to reduce socio-economic gaps, promote accelerated economic growth, and create a smarter, faster and friendlier government for citizens.

Established in 1973, Shibolet is one the most distinguished independent corporate law firms in Israel, with substantial international experience in dynamic and evolving market sectors.

The PeTeL project, Personalized Teaching and Learning, is a center for personalized teaching and learning that is in its initial stages of development by scientists from the Department of Science Education. This project is intended to promote the learning and teaching of science and mathematics in high schools in Israel, while personalizing the knowledge of every learner and learner at different points at the educational process.


The incredible mentors who support the teams

Sarit Magen

CPA, Senior Accounting Advisor at Deloit

Chen Sadeh

Advisor at Deloit

Maayan Malca

UX/UI designer at joytunes

Danny Friedland

Product Manager, High-tech entrepreneur

Amitay Dubo

Product Manager, Joytunes

Asaf Bar-Yosef

CEO of PeTeL initiative

Avishy Fridler

Campus, Education department

Yoav Caspin

CTO, Campus

Rimon Tubin

Isracart, Data expert

Adam Oster Michaeli

Product Designer at Google Israel

Amir Lliescu

Shibolet Advocates

Liora Yulka

UX designer at Google Israel


The founding and managing team of the challenge who labored for days and nights to make it happen

Inbal Chameides

Co-founder & CEO of P.I.E Challenge

Michael Shurp

Co-founder of P.I.E Challenge

Roy (Ziko) Zikorel

Co-founder of P.I.E Challenge

Guy Katsovich

Co-founder of P.I.E Challenge

Yael Drori

Professional consultant of P.I.E Challenge