Three Criteria

The personalized learning solution will enable the teacher to personally tailor a learning pathway to each and every student in order to reduce the dropout rate from 5 unit math classes across Israel

1 - Meets the requirements of a personal solution

Setting Goals

Enables students and teachers to set learning goals


Takes into account the student's learning preferences and needs

Matching learning path

A solution that tailors the learning pathway to each student

Frequent feedback

A solution that provides real-time feedback to students and teachers

Flexible and changing

A flexible and changing solution that offers adjustment in light of students’ progress


A scalable solution that allows a cost effective scaling up to a significant amount of classrooms and students

For further reading on the characteristics of a personalized solution click here

2 - Teacher in each group

5 unit math teacher in each group

as a team member or as counselor

3 - Solution that supports the teacher

The proposed solution will also be directed to the teacher,
and not only to the student

*If your solution does not yet meet all the prerequisites listed above, you may still apply by presenting a detailed work plan demonstrating how all prerequisites and the full solution will be reached by September 2018.

*Products of the solution don’t have to be a development of the registered team. Existing tools, methodologies, products and technologies may be integrated into the solution provided that their legal owners have agreed.


Must the solution be technology based?

We are open to both to technological and non-technological solutions.
We are excited to test technology-based solutions and believe in the ability of high quality technology to improve the personal learning process.
However, leading educational solutions aren’t necessarily based on technology, but rather on an innovative methodology or approach- often one that integrates existing tools and/ or technologies. Thus, we are open-minded in this regard.

I have a solution but it does not meet all the criteria - Can I still apply?

At the registration stage we will examine solutions even if they do not meet all the criteria of a personalized learning solution. For submitting applications the existing solution should be presented together with a work plan that shows how it will meet all the criteria and will be ready to be tested in real classrooms by September 2018.

Will percentages be taken on the projects?

All The solutions remain 100% in the complete ownership of the Group, without dilution of equities.

I'm a private person- can I apply?

You may apply as an individual as long as you have a solution and a work plan. If you are looking to join an existing group or find partners, you can join our Facebook group: P.I.E challenge contact platform.