Participating Criteria

The personalized learning solution will enable the teacher to personally tailor a learning pathway to each and every student in order to reduce the dropout rate from 5 unit math classes across Israel

1 - Meets the requirements of a personal solution

Setting Goals

Enables students and teachers to set learning goals


Takes into account the student's learning preferences and needs

Matching learning path

A solution that tailors the learning pathway to each student

Frequent feedback

A solution that provides real-time feedback to students and teachers

Flexible and changing

A flexible and changing solution that offers adjustment in light of students’ progress


A scalable solution that allows a cost effective scaling up to a significant amount of classrooms and students

For further reading on the characteristics of a personalized solution click here

2 - Teacher in each group

5 unit math teacher in each group

as a team member or as counselor

3 - Solution that supports the teacher

The proposed solution will also be directed to the teacher,
and not only to the student