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“Learning Near and Far”

“Learning Near and Far” – The program was established to support continuous Math learning from home during the Corona quarantine using the P.I.E Challenge’s personalised learning solutions.

The program was born in April 2020 through an initiative of the Ministry of Education, and in partnership with the Branco Weiss Institute, the Trump Foundation for Education and the 8200 Alumni Association.

A study following the groundbreaking inter-sectoral program showed that 95% of the teachers in the program wanted to continue using these new learning methods and expressed high satisfaction!

Quick and collaborative planning of remote learning

Using the personalized learning solutions

Year of Expansion 2019-2020

In the 2019-2020 school year, in collaboration with the Ministry of Education, the implementation of the personalized learning solutions of the P.I.E Challenge was expanded to hundreds schools throughout the country.

The groups have formed strategic and business partnerships, and have independently raised millions of shekels to continue their activities.


During the year, the Davidson Institute, on behalf of the R&D Division from the Ministry of Education, investigated the expansion of the implementation of solutions in the various sectors, and the findings showed high satisfaction among teachers and students, as well as a desire to continue.


In March 2020, the corona plague started in Isrel, and the P.I.E Challenge groups banded together and offered their personalized learning solutions for free. Within a few days hundreds of teachers and thousands of students signed up and began to assimilate the solutions from home.

Final event and winner’s announcement

In July 2019, we held the final event -summarizing our two year journey together, and announced the winner, the group that won the pesonalization in education challenge – Tailor-ED, which has won a million shekels prize and the opportunity to implement their solution in 30 schools in the periphery of Israel. The event was attended by hundreds of attendees, seniors in the high-tech and education fields, Eli Horowitz, CEO of the Trump Foundation for Education, Meirav Zariv, head of the R&D Division of the Ministry of Education, the team of researchers led by NYU professor Yoav Bergner and Prof. Rivka Vademani, our pioneer teachers, our dear seven groups, and other friends and partners.

Launching Event

In January 2018, we launched the P.I.E Challenge in an event that was held at the Tel Aviv-Jaffa Stock Exchange.
The event was attended by Nir Lampert, Chairman of the 8200 Alumni Association,
Eli Horowitz, CEO of the Trump Foundation for Education,
as well as other friends and partners.

Announcement Event

An evening that was held at the Microsoft compound in Herzliya Pituach, in which we met the “P.I.E Challenge” participants, board members, mentors, support bodies, and accompanying experts. The selected groups presented the personalized solutions that were developed, and it was clear how much thought, creativity and seriousness were invested. We would like to thank each and every one who took part in this evening and to our dear partners in implanting the personalization in education revolution in Israel!

Conferences and Lectures

Throughout the pilot year, our pioneer teachers, the P.I.E Challenge team, Geula Sever, the Pedagogical Leader of the P.I.E Challenge on behalf of the Ministry of Education, and our groups were invited to present and speak about the challenge, personalized learning and the different personalized learning solutions. We presented at numerous conferences and events, from one’s that was held by the Ministry of Education, to various Ed-TECH conferences, the National Center for Mathematics, Technology Conferences, Municipal Excellent conferences for school principal around the country and many more.

Workshops – 2019

Workshops held once a month for our groups, on diverse topics, depending on the development of the product and the pilots in the schools` From  Recruiting, Getting to know the world of investors, personalized learning in the world, preparing for pitching, the Ed-TECH market in Israel and more. The workshops were delivered by senior officials in the various fields, from Israel and abroad,.

Presenting the solutions to investors

In April 2019, an exclusive evening was held at the Urban Place offices in Tel-Aviv, where our teams presented the personalized learning solutions they’ve developed to a small group of investors and our board members. At the end of the event, we raised a toast for the spring holiday (Passover), to a life full of innovations,  leaving the familiar behind and promoting change and development.

Lecture by Dan Arieli

The third meeting of the Personalization in Education series in collaboration with Wize !, held at Madison Square Garden, Herzliya.

We heard a fascinating lecture on motivation and human behavior from the one and only, the man and the legend, Professor Dan Arieli,
a board member of the P.I.E Challenge, a faculty member at Duke University and a leading expert in the field of psychology and behavioral economics.

Google Campus

A significant week of work at the Google Launchpad, where all groups were closely accompanied by mentors, consulting, design, UX / UI, marketing tools, branding, programming, strategic plan and more. All with the aim of promoting the personalized learning solutions before entering the schools.

Workshop – June 2018

The workshop was about “Getting to Know the Customer” and was held by good and inspiring people who helped the groups deepen their familiarity with their main client – the teacher. We met with Niv and Eddie Fishman (5 unit math teachers at the Lady Davis School) who shared the experience of technological pilots in the classroom. We also met Avishay Friedler (Israel Digital and Mentor in Challenge) who shared insights about “do and don’ts” about building a pilot. At the end, we met Yuval Brenner, CEO of Crambola, who reminded the groups intensively and determinedly about the importance of “authentic” listening to the customer. In addition, our dear partners from “Shibolet” joined the event to support the groups in legal and financial matters.

An Event for the Teachers Community

In October 2018, we held a record event in which the pioneering teachers, that are taking a lead part in the pilot programs, who came from all over the country, gathered together with the Ministry of Education, supporting bodies, board members, mentors and start-ups. We would like to thank to all those who came to the event, and especially to our teachers, representatives in the field, who are working to promote the personalization revolution in Israel. You are the heart of the P.I.E Challenge!